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Date Headline
2013 Dec 14 NASA
Cygnus Launch Slips to Dec. 19
A 3-camera RocketCam system will be providing onboard video views from Cygnus during this mission
2013 Dec 10 Parabolic Arc
Antares, Cygnus Prepped for Dec. 18 Cargo Run to ISS
A RocketCam system will provide video views from onboard Cygnus
2013 Dec 02 Altius Space Machines
Highlights of DARPA-funded Phoenix Program efforts Rocketcam icon
Ecliptic was a partner with Altius on this work
2013 Nov 22 AutoBlog
The List #0393: Break a Land Speed Record Rocketcam icon
This is an excellent video documentary of how the North American Eagle supersonic car team recently broke the long-standing women's land speed record, with Jesse Combs 'piloting' the car. Ecliptic has been supplying RocketCam systems to the team for years and is supporting the team's run at the world land speed record planned for 2014.
2013 Oct 30 America Space
Upcoming SpaceX Dragon Missions Place ISS Science at Center Stage
An Ecliptic HD video camera is part of the JPL OPALS experiment scheduled for a Dragon launch early in 2014
2013 Oct 22 Spaceflight Now
Cygnus Completes Maiden Visit to Space Station Rocketcam icon
Watch the mission highlights video for samples of the various RocketCam views onboard the Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo vehicle
2013 Oct 10
Cygnus Performing Well at the ISS Ahead of Unberthing
A Cygnus-specific RocketCam system debuted on this mission and will support future Cygnus missions as well
2013 Sep 27
Green Light for Cygnus to Re-approach ISS for Sunday Berthing
A 3-camera RocketCam system will provide video of the ISS approach and proximity operations
2013 Sep 27 Space News
First Cygnus Capsule Arrives at Space Station
The first of many planned ...
2013 Sep 18 United Launch Alliance
Atlas V AEHF-3 Launch Highlights Rocketcam icon
Launch successful, including one forward-looking RocketCam view (see end of video)