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Date Headline
2017 Dec 07 JPL
JPL Deploys a CubeSat for Astronomy
Ecliptic engineered the focal plane control and data-handling electronics for ASTERIA's camera system
2017 Nov 21 Nanoracks
NanoRacks Completes 13th CubeSat Deployment Mission from Space Station, First “Doublewide” Satellites
Ecliptic supplied the imaging focal plane assembly for JPL's ASTERIA 6U CubeSat
2017 Nov 20 Portland Business Journal
Oregon Beer Showdown 2017: A Portland Brewer 'Eclipses' the Field
Ecliptic Brewing (Portland, Oregon) is Ecliptic's official company beer --
2017 Oct 27 The Planetary Society
Here's How Engineers Closed Out LightSail 2 for Flight
All images here were taken in Ecliptic's lab in Pasadena, CA. Final close-out was performed by Ecliptic's Stephanie Wong.
2017 Sep 26 The Planetary Society
LightSail-2 Animation Rocketcam icon
A brief video animation of the LightSail-2 assembly process (part-by-part) and overall mission profile
2017 Sep 20 The Planetary Society
LightSail 2: The Next Step Rocketcam icon
A brief video summary of the LightSail-2 project status, featuring several shots of Ecliptic engineers at work during final spacecraft system testing
2017 Sep 01 SatMagazine / Satnews
Innovation: Solar Array Success for SSL Implementation—A Space Systems Loral Focus Rocketcam icon
The value of the ROSA demo on ISS, controlled by Ecliptic-supplied avionics, is highlighted
2017 Aug 28 Forbes
Meet The Rocket Scientist Putting Singapore's Spacetech Scene On The Map
BSE is an Ecliptic customer, and Ecliptic is facilitating BSE's acquisition of additional ISS experiment modules
2017 Aug 23 The Planetary Society
A Good Time for Solar Sailing: LightSail 2 Finds Itself Among Friends
This article puts the LightSail-2 project in context with other sail-based spacecraft projects
2017 Aug 14 Wired
The Plan to Put a 3-D Printer With Robot Arms Into Orbit
Ecliptic provided Made In Space with a multi-camera RocketCam Digital Video System for monitoring Archinaut operations from inside the thermal-vacuum chamber at NASA Ames