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Date Headline
2018 Dec 03 CNBC
SpaceX Breaks Records with 'SmallSat Express' Launch, Including Flying and Landing the Same Rocket 3 Times
Ecliptic-supplied avionics controlled most of the smallsat deployments. More in-depth news to follow ...
2018 Nov 11 Forbes
Rocket Lab Just Launched Its First Commercial Rocket Into Orbit
Good pic here of the NABEO-1 hosted payload on the Electron 3rd stage
2018 Nov 11 Space News
Rocket Lab Performs First Commercial Launch Rocketcam icon
A successful launch, including the Ecliptic-Rocket Lab Hosted Payload Program pathfinder payload, NABEO-1
2018 Nov 09 ESA
NABEO-1 to be Launched on Rocket Lab's Electron
NABEO-1 is the 'pathfinder' payload for the Ecliptic-led Hosted Payload Program with Rocket Lab
2018 Sep 26 The Planetary Society
How LightSail and a NASA Study Helped Pave the Way for Mars-bound CubeSats
A good summary of the historical context for the LightSail program
2018 Aug 14 JPL
ASTERIA Wins Small Satellite Mission of the Year Award
Ecliptic designed and produced ASTERIA's core imaging focal plane electronics circuit board and related software/firmware. This is the second such award for a project involving Ecliptic, the first being the LightSail-1 mission for 2015 (see
2018 Aug 10 MIT
ASTERIA Measures Exoplanet Transit - A First for CubeSats
Ecliptic designed and produced ASTERIA's core imaging focal plane electronics circuit board and related software/firmware
2018 Aug 09 Noozhawk (Santa Barbara)
Preparations Underway for NASA’s ICESat-2 Launch Next Month at Vandenberg Air Force Base
This will be the last Delta II launch and the last Ecliptic RocketCam video system on the Delta rocket family
2018 Aug 08 The Planetary Society
LightSail 2 updates: Launch Date Slips, Environmental Test Complete, New Video Released Rocketcam icon
A summary of the final Operational Readiness Test for LightSail 2
2018 Aug 08 Space News
Rocket Lab Announces Order for 10 Electron Launches from New Dubai Company
This article also mentions Ecliptic's hosted payload agreement with Rocket Lab