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Date Headline
2020 Dec 23 Teslarati
SpaceX’s First Dedicated Falcon 9 Rideshare Lines Up Dozens of Smallsats
Ecliptic's sequencer avionics will control the ejection of smallsats and CubeSats from three different firms manifested on this launch, leveraging heritage from the 2018 Falcon 9 SSO-A launch where Ecliptic sequencers successfuly controlled 60 of the 64 satellite ejections
2020 Nov 13 Arizona State Univeristy
NASA Selects High-definition Imaging System for Commercial Flight Test
Ecliptic is on the development team for ExoCam
2020 Oct 23 NASA
NASA’s Refueling Mission Completes Second Set of Robotic Tool Operations in Space
Ecliptic provided context-imaging cameras to support these RRM3 tests and demonstrations
2020 Oct 19
'Lunar ExoCam' Project Aims to Film Spacecraft Touchdowns on the Moon Rocketcam icon
Ecliptic is a ExoCam development partner for the HD video system, sensors and support avionics within the ExoCam module and on the host lander
2020 Oct 14 NASA
NASA Selects 31 Promising Space Technologies for Commercial Flight Tests
Ecliptic is a key development partner for the Lunar ExoCam concept, led by Zandef Deksit, Inc.
2020 Oct 06 SatNews
Tethers Unlimited Passes Milestone for NASA’s On-Orbit Assembly in Orbit
Eclitic is supplying the avionics for MakerSat experiment control and data handling, including a comprehensive HD video monitoring system
2020 Aug 28 Forbes
A New Moon Race Features Companies Vying For The First Private Landing
Ecliptic is supporting the Masten mission with avionics for payload control and data handling as well as a complete 4K HD video system
2020 Aug 21 Zandef Deksit
Lunar ExoCam Static Camera Test Rocketcam icon
Ecliptic leads overall development of the Lunar ExoCam imaging system and supporting avionics, and is also supporting mission and systems engineering trades and analyses
2020 Aug 19 CNBC
Meet Dynetics, the Company Racing Against SpaceX and Blue Origin to Return Astronauts to the Moon
Ecliptic is providing Dynetics with onboard HD video systems and control and data-handling functions for secondary and auxiliary payloads
2020 Jul 02 Space News
Solar Sail Spacecraft Begins Extended Mission
On-orbit lifetime is now expected to last two years vs. the pre-launch estimate of one year