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Providing Quality Space Avionics & Sensor Systems

At Ecliptic, we are committed to supplying rugged, aerospace-grade systems for capturing, controlling and managing data on rockets and spacecraft. Our products are all made to operate in challenging conditions while capturing and delivering accurate content and information. We proudly serve a broad base of customers in commercial, civil and defense markets across a wide variety of project applications. Our products include:

Integrated RocketCam™ Systems ... and More

Our signature RocketCam product family provides a cost-effective way to view what's happening on your rocket or spacecraft. We offer analog, digital and hybrid configurations to meet your various project needs.

With additional embedded software and optional sensors, our RocketCam systems can be enhanced to provide subsystem-level, in-the-loop support for space rendezvous and proximity operations and in-orbit servicing and logistics operations.

Avionics units derived from our RocketCam heritage also serve as capable science payload and experiment controllers/data handlers, or as sequencers for supporting experiment and secondary payload objectives.

The typical size and capabilities of our avionics products are well matched to the burgeoning global CubeSat-related activity. Ecliptic also serves as lead system contractor for CubeSat integration and testing, and can partner on selected CubeSat subsystem development efforts.

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If you’re interested in working with Ecliptic on your next project, contact us today. We are always excited to develop new applications and solutions to help you capture the data you need. We look forward to hearing from you!